Leah’s Tween Room Update

Inspiration for Leah's room...: We have been tweaking Leah’s room for about a year and it’s finally ready to reveal!!! The changes are small but dramatic and very “tween”.  Here was the inspiration photo I found on Pinterest… Isn’t it adorable?  I loved the bright pink against the aqua but my little tomboy said No, way! The final room ended up a bit different…

Leah and I both still loved her room the way we fixed it up 2-3 years ago, but the antique furniture (from her great-great-great grandparents) wasn’t up for the wear and tear of little kids. It needed to move to the guest room. I decided to buy her a good queen mattress to keep long term, rather than a twin for a platform bed or bunkbeds. That was a tough call – I know kids love bunkbeds. I didn’t want to buy little kid stuff because she’s growing up on me – fast – but I didn’t want to buy grownup stuff because people in this house still jump on the bed – and I need that to be OK because jumping on the bed is fun. So here is where we landed:

Leah now has a gallery wall with her paintings, pictures of her friends, and a cool photo I took of her boogie boarding at the beach that I enlarged to poster-size.

The headboard was a Craigslist find that I painted lime to match her quilt. The lime herringbone pillow covers are from Hobby Lobby.  The aqua sheets and study-buddy pillow, body pillow and the quilt are both from Target and the peace sign pillow is old but I think came from Justice. The little clip lamp for reading is from Ikea.

Brown Bear was Leah’s first teddy bear and is still her favorite.

OK, now you’ll see where the Pinterest inspiration came in…

Ikea’s Expedit/Kallax bookshelves are the best invention ever. Leah’s stuff is much more organized: baskets for school supplies, craft supplies, etc.

That’s the tour!!!

2 thoughts on “Leah’s Tween Room Update

  1. What a beautiful space. I can imagine this lovely room bringing her sweet dreams and a ton of inspiration to go on about her day! Way to go MOM! Insert huge pat on the back and cheering section here*!!!!!


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