The Halloween Marathon

We did Halloween right – yet again this year! The marathon began with a chili supper and Trunk-or-Treat at church on Wednesday. (It’s mostly an outreach to the community but the kids from our church participate as well and it’s always a lot of fun!)

Michael was Harry Potter! Imagine that?

Here’s Leah as Katniss from “The Hunger Games”, Michael as Harry Potter, and our buddy Andrew as a bad guy from an anime series I’ve never heard of (which would be all anime series).

Here’s an action shot taken at church.

So the trick with Trunk-or-Treat is everyone decorates their trunk and brings candy so the kids can trick-or-treat around the parking lot. It’s a way of ensuring kids from not-so-safe neighborhoods get a chance to trick-or-treat. 🙂

Uncle Stevie had a lot of fun asking each kid what they were dressed as. Almost every little girl was a princess and most were either Anna or Elsa from Frozen. One toddler was dressed as Freddie Kruger. I kid you not. I didn’t know whether to laugh or run.

Bryan and Aunt Ginny estimated at least 200 kids came by!

The good times continued on Saturday when the kids went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood!

We have an annual tradition of trick-or-treating with our friend Andrew that dates back to kindergarten when he and Leah met. In recent years, the tradition includes Andrew’s dad driving the minivan while Andrew’s mom and I drink wine and the kids hop out at the houses that have the most intriguing decor to lure them to the door! Ha! Our kids make big claims every year about getting “knee deep in candy” and “going until midnight”. It never happens. The whole gig wraps up by 8:00 PM.


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