The merits of being alert and focused while driving…

I shared this on Facebook and wanted to share it here as well. My hope is that someone will read it and think about it and maybe be safer because of our experience.


The kids and I had a frightening experience tonight coming home from [the movie theater]. A car was speeding and lost control, bashing through a guard rail and flying up an embankment before going airborne into oncoming traffic. It was headed straight for us — like a rocket flying through the air. I slammed on the brakes and braced for impact. My little girl was screaming. By the grace of God, and an immeasurable margin, the car passed right in front of us, then hit the shoulder and flipped 3-4 times down a hillside.

In the difference of a split second, tonight would have had a different outcome. I got to tuck my babies in bed tonight — and the mama of a very lucky 23 year old girl gets to hold her daughter in the ER tonight. A seat belt saved her life. Being alert saved ours. I’m rattled and grateful.

Several months ago, I bought these “no phone zone” stickers for our cars, but hadn’t made a real commitment to actually sticking them on the car and making that pledge. I’m so grateful I was focused while driving tonight. My car is now officially a phone-free zone. Will you join me? Please think about it.

4.75in x 4.75in (121mm x 121mm) No Cell Phone Sign Vinyl Bumper Sticker Decal Window Stickers Decals Car

The stickers we got are $5.99 with free shipping from Amazon.

No Cell Phone Zone - Color Sticker - Decal - Die Cut

I found this one today. So cute — it looks like an iPhone! 🙂
It’s just $3.99 with free shipping from Amazon.

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