Perking up the den with plants and a gold Sharpie…

I love houseplants all the time, but even more so in winter when everything is sooooo blah outside. A house doesn’t feel like a home until you add plants. By consistently neglecting ours, I’ve discovered which ones are robust. Ha!  The giant tropical in our den died a slow death this year, so I hauled it to the curb and decided to put my Peace Lillies in that nice big pot.

Remember the plant Michael and Freddie nearly killed 4 years ago? It has rallied back – slowly – and now shares this pot with another of its kind. #peacelilliesforthewin

Caring for Peace Lillies isn’t hard, but you can kill one if you lasso it with a jump rope (Michael), chew off all the leaves (Freddie), forget to water it (me) or all three. 😦

I stuck my favorite desk lamp in here since the den is a cozy spot to read or surf – especially in the winter when the fireplace is on!

Did you know there is a gold Sharpie marker?!? Yeah. For real. I may or may not have wandered through the house adding gold stripes to several frames. Also, professional bloggers remove the glass from their frames before taking photos. I am not a professional blogger. Please excuse the glare.

These are Red Aglaonema and joined us by way of the Lowes clearance rack. (You can find amazing deals when they’re shuffling inventory!) These plants love low-light so they’re perfect next to the fireplace.

It may be a faux pas to have live plants and fake flowers in the same room… I don’t know. But I really like both in here; each brings a little color and vibrancy.

Dizzy came to see what I was doing in here…

That’s the tour, folks!

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