This month in the yard: November

What a strangely warm Fall this has been for planet Earth – the highest average temps ever recorded. Here in The Cove, it means we have had our first real freeze this past weekend. Most of the yard looks pretty blah now that the leaves have either dropped or turned brown, but I’ve enjoyed having green grass in November!

The Oak tree in the back yard is pretty even though it’s covered in crunchy brown leaves.

Bryan’s blueberry bushes have all turned red.

I have one lonely bloom on the Cana Lilly by the patio… It never did get covered up in blooms this summer.

I added red and orange Mums to the flowerbed out front for a little Autumn color.

Shhh… Don’t let my flowers hear that Summer ended two months ago.

Hosta Lillies in November! Most of my Hostas have shriveled as they would normally do this time of year – but this patch is just green and perky!

The Irises and Lantana still look great.

The Heuchera still look healthy, but I don’t think I like these plants. They were recommended by Southern Living but they’re just super boring.

I got a mix of Pansies and Violets for a big pot near my driveway. These should tolerate frost so we can have a teeny pop of color this winter. I haven’t tried winter flowers before so wish me luck…

Nandina is so pretty this time of year! I love the red leaves.

More orange Mums for the pots by the garage…

…and for the pot under the pergola!

I think the trick to enjoying your yard and flowerbeds in the Fall is to just look at the colorful bits and ignore the rest. 🙂

2 thoughts on “This month in the yard: November

  1. Have you considered doing the Master Gardner course Kim? I think you’d love it!! Is it through the Ag Extension Service? I’ve heard great things about it😄😄


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