First friends…

Leah’s very first friend was a little girl named Camille. Leah had just turned 3 years old when we left Florida, but moving away from Camille (and other special people like our nanny Jillian) was so hard! Thankfully a friend warned me that moving is hard on tiny people and we shouldn’t assume a 3 year old would be “oblivious”. Leah was so not oblivious. Camille’s mom and I agreed to keep in touch – and for eight years now, we have ensured the girls get together at least once a year. It helps that Camille’s mom, Tara, is one of my favorite people!

Funny enough, both Leah and Camille have been 99th percentile in height since birth!

They always pick up right where they left off. It’s just incredibly sweet!

We hadn’t seen Lillie in a couple of years because she has been so busy. She had grown up so much and is as sweet as always! I really got a kick out of talking to her about her friends and the music she’s into.

Tara has three kids now – big sisters Lillie and Camille got a baby brother, Alexander, two years ago!

Camille (11), Lillie (13), Leah (11), Alexander (2) and Michael (8)

We had a great visit!

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