New Year’s Resolutions…

I stumbled upon two great quotes this year that have been rolling around in my head for months…

emerald isle june 2015 mary oliver quote

This first quote is from the American poet Mary Oliver. I love how her words – wild and precious – show the enormous value and immeasurable possibilities of this one life we each get to live. Her question is a challenge… Are we cherishing this life?

my purple coneflowers 2015 - jim elliot quote

I have come across this second quote over and over this year. It strikes a chord with me because I really struggle to be present in the moment – to live each day one at a time. When I saw the quote attributed to Jim Elliot, I thought, Hmmm, the only Jim Elliot I know of is the American missionary to Ecuador who was eaten by cannibals in the 1950s. (Yup, same guy. Yikes.)

Anyway, these two quotes sum up my New Year’s Resolutions for 2016: I want to be fully engaged in the moment – really living it and experiencing it rather than documenting it or analyzing it or planning it. We shouldn’t be wasteful with a life that is wild and precious, right? In 2016, I am giving up:

  • Facebook (that was easy; it’s an election year)
  • Twitter (even easier; just noise)
  • Blogging (painful because I do need a way to capture our life for the kids and I do love to write, but there are other ways I can capture our family history and I have other things I need to be writing… also, I’m irritated that WordPress randomly deleted a bunch of my photos and after two hours of perusing possible solutions on their message boards, I can’t fix it; time wasted)

Additionally, I am cutting back the time I spend on my favorite hobby – reading interior design blogs and wandering through Pinterestto one evening per week. <aaaarrrrgggghhhh> This may be an aspirational goal. I may need a 12 step program. I’m such a visual person and find this stuff so inspirational – and yet, I only convert about 1% of it into an action like actually trying the recipe or tackling the DIY project.

I am not giving up Instagram. I love it. It’s awesome. ❤

On a high note, my goal for 2015 was to organize our house and I did make progress. It’s hard to tell at the moment as we are cleaning up from Christmas and two weeks of laziness, but I did have a few successes:

  • Sorted the family photos, kids’ keepsakes and all the games and craft stuff we store in our family desk/command center
  • Reorganized and labeled each cabinet in our kitchen
  • Got my family to join me in using Cozi, an iPhone app that allow us to share our calendars as well as to-do lists and our shopping list
  • Got our family to join us in using Find My Friends, an iPhone app that allows us to see where everyone is, which saves a lot of time and phone calls and occasionally helps us find a misplaced phone
  • Cleared out our master bedroom closets for new built-ins that work so much better for us
  • Hauled several carloads of things we don’t need/use to charity shop
  • Helped Leah reorganize her room with a new bookshelf and baskets

I hope to check in with you all this time next year to say I’m even more at peace and fully present than the Dalai Lama and have new, amazing ideas for an even better blog… Until then, I wish you all the best in 2016!

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