Front Porch Color

Every summer, I plant a variety of Coleus or sometimes Hosta Lillies in the pots on the front porch. The trick is to find plants that grow quickly in the shade. It helps if they are fairly hardy because I occasionally forget to water them for a couple weeks. Ha! You know, people first, then the pets, and then the plants. So far so good!

So here is a series of photos of my front porch from a couple weeks ago going back in time to early March when I first started. I get such a kick out of these pots every year – it’s so magical seeing it all grow! (Or maybe I am easily entertained!) I should point out that the sweet potato vine grew so quickly and was so big and healthy, then it just up-and-died in a 2-3 day stretch for no known reason. 

OK, with that, enjoy the photos!


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