How to repair a broken cooktop

I’m overdue to share my best DIY tip and it weighs heavily on me imaging how many people replaced a chipped cooktop thinking it could not be repaired.

I absolutely love having a modern, electric, smooth cooktop. You can keep your gas, thank you very much. I’ve used both gas and electric stoves and the smooth cooktop wins hands down for ease of use, cleanliness and safety. (When I lived in London, my gas stove leaked and the experience scared me to death.)

A couple years ago, our old cooktop shorted out and we replaced it with another Kitchen Aid. Within days, someone dropped a heavy pot and chipped the edge of the cooktop! The chip left a jagged edge that was really dangerously sharp. How did the original one last 10 years and this one didn’t survive 10 days?!? The original had a metal trim piece surrounding the edges, while the new one was frameless. That could have been a factor. Also, we are clumsy.

And then… it happened again. This time, we smashed off a corner and the raw edge could honestly slice off a finger. The cooktop wasn’t safe to use and I thought we would have to buy another on the heels of an already large expense. But an idea struck me: I had recently discovered a product called Sugru.

By the way, this not a sponsored post. Companies don’t pay you to blog about their products when your blog has as few readers as mine. Haha! I’m really just very enthusiastic about Sugru!

Sugru is a “moldable glue”. It comes in little ketchup-sized packs and feels like Silly Putty when you open it. Once exposed to air, it will harden into a tough plastic within 24 hours. I had used it to secure wobbly posts in our “wrought iron” (read: black aluminum) gate and fence and it worked like a charm. It was certainly worth a try as a fix for our broken cooktop.

It’s been more than two years since I patched over the jagged edges and I am happy to say the Sugru fix has worked perfectly. (That little hairline fracture you see isn’t sharp.) The cooktop functions as it should and nobody has sliced off a finger. It’s a win win. Ha!

Sugru comes in several colors. I obviously used black and while you can still see it, it’s not super obvious. The patch on the front right is the big one. The smaller one is top left and it’s inconspicuous.

And again, nobody got stitches – and – I saved about $1500, so I am super happy with the results! I hope this tip saves someone else a lot of money.


2 thoughts on “How to repair a broken cooktop

    • They sell it at Target in the home improvement/repair section — so look for hammers, nails, duct tape, 3M Command Strips, stuff like that.


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