About our blog…

Consider this my official caveat:

A couple years ago, a friend was lamenting to me that everyone’s life looks so perfect on Facebook. She nearly cried looking at someone’s beach photo where the parents and children were in matching outfits – wondering if she would ever flat iron her own hair again. But the thing is, we all know that no one’s life is a beach photo – and frankly, I think it’s why we like them.

This blog is a bit of a beach photo. Happy?

Our little family is a lot like yours with [maybe] one exception: Bryan’s MS serves as a constant reminder that today is the day to be lived and cherished. Not to be overly dramatic, but a lot of uncertainty comes with a chronic illness so I zoom in on the sunshine and flowers and ignore the unattended pile of laundry.

Make sense?

Our blog is a snapshot of the best of a regular ol’ day – so don’t hate me for my freshly baked muffins, OK? I think you’re smart enough to know that you can’t take a beach photo without getting sand in your underpants.


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