A King Kong birthday for Michael…

After watching the Jack Black version of “King Kong” a few weeks ago, Michael said he wanted a King Kong birthday, so Leah obliged and made him a really, really cool birthday cake!

Here’s King Kong on a chocolate cake with icing trees, an icing waterfall and cupcake towers with “Anne Darrow” (a Polly Pocket) on top!

How can my baby be 8 years old?!?

I decorated our chalkboard.

We alternate which year the kids have a larger celebration (a party or a weekend getaway). This was Michael’s “family year” so he wanted us to eat lunch at his favorite restaurant, Red Robin.

Also, you can’t tell from the picture ABOVE but Michael wore his pajamas because, as he put it, “You should be comfortable on your birthday.”

Michael is touching a fossilized allosaurus tooth that we gave him for his birthday for his dinosaur fossil collection. He hates being told to smile for a picture… a daunting problem for an introverted child with a camera-happy mommy! 😐

Leah is really into “Dr. Who” so she made him a card that really only makes sense if you watch that show!

Michael and his buddy Brogan went to the movies and then camped out in Brogan’s yard to celebrate HIS birthday. They were born two days apart.

This is what I posted on Instagram on his birthday:

Michael was born, then he went to preschool and today he’s 8. That’s exactly how it happened and it was that fast! I hugged him and kissed him this morning and it was just like kissing his little forehead right when he was born and wrapped up like a little burrito… except this time he ran off to find his cleats for his football game. <big sigh>

Happy Birthday to my precious baby who’s all grown up!!

Forty five

We celebrated Bryan’s birthday in style – twice! First, Bryan’s parents who treated us all to a hibachi dinner…


Then we went home for a birthday cake that Leah made from scratch! I was a little concerned because she didn’t really have a recipe – she had jotted down notes while watching an episode of Farmhouse Rules on Food Network – but her cake was delicious!

Not to be outdone, Michael wanted to cook Bryan a special birthday dinner. Michael is a great cook for a 7 year old. He can make scrambled eggs all by himself, but a full meal would be a challenge. I encouraged him to make spaghetti and let his big sister help. Success!

Michael boiled the pasta. (Mommy poured out the boiling water.) Leah made turkey mini-meatballs and added a jar of Ragu sauce.

Michael also made the dessert. We went round in circles over his top secret chocolate pie recipe because he wouldn’t tell me what was in it and I’ll just say there have been some creative combinations in the past. Turns out, if you load a pie crust with chocolate chips and chunks of cookie dough and bake it, you get a top secret chocolate pie that’s pretty decadent!


The kids gave Bryan sweet cards and one of his favorite board games so they can play together.


The game is in almost daily use! It came in handy on this snowy day…

Flashback Friday: She’s 10, y’all. Ten.

My baby girl is officially 10 years old! A double digit! A tween! How is this possible?!? Well, here we are… she’s half-grown, as little old ladies love to say. This Friday, we’re flashing back to 2011 when Leah celebrated her 7th birthday:

I’ll let you GUESS how we are celebrating this milestone occasion…